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Turkish Style Beach Towel Striped Pool Towels for Kids

Turkish Style Beach Towel Striped Pool Towels for Kids

SKU: 1600287382560
  • HIGH-QUALITY %100 Turkish Cotton - Turkish beach towels are made with natural dyed yarn made from 100% natural Turkish cotton. Our products are free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use.
  • ODORLESS QUICK DRYING - Our thin yet super-absorbent towels dry quickly in any environment. Quick-drying technology saves you time and prevents unpleasant odors caused by dampness.
  • SAND-FREE BEACH TOWEL - Keep sand where it belongs - at the beach! Turkish towel shakes clean in seconds, ensuring your home and car remain sand-free.
  • PACK LIGHT, TRAVEL LIGHT - Our oversized turkish style towels are ultra-light at under 10 ounces. Our towels roll up neatly to pack & go which makes it perfect for traveling, camping, and backpacking.
  • VERSATILE AND MULTI-USE - Easy to use, clean, and dry design makes our turkish style towels suitable for every occasion. You can use it as a blanket, throw, scarf, shawl, hair wrap, home decor, yoga mat, picnic blanket, or a baby sling. You can use it at the beach, pool, spa, sauna, gym, or yoga class. This makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones.
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